Programs, Services & Activities

From Group Activities To One-On-One Support.

Just as no two athletes play the same way, there’s no one-size-fits all path towards a more active, well-rounded lifestyle. That’s why United Abilities offers a mix of NDIS-certified services and supports, allowing your participant to create their own wellness journey based on their personal goals. We offer a range of local recreational leagues through United Sports, one-on-one support and training through United Care, a space to connect and learn through United Hub, and get-away trips through United Adventure.

United Sports

Participants build strength, lasting friendships, and learn how to reach their goals through a variety of sports.

United Care

Through regular meetings, our experts help participants discover their goals—and set out to achieve them!

United Hub

We host social events and other NDIS-certified activities throughout the week in a dedicated location we call The Hub.

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