United Care

Through regular meetings, our experts help participants discover their goals—and set out to achieve them!


One-On-One Support

What does success look like for your participant? Not only can our experts help them answer that; we can help them achieve it. Drawing from experience in coaching, personal training and disability support, our support staff helps participants through in-home visits, personal training sessions, and trips around the Adelaide community. 

Our one-on-one United Care services fall under a range of NDIS registration groups, including Assistance with Daily Personal Activities, Development of Daily Care and Life Skills, and Assistance in Coordinating or Managing Life Stages, Transitions and Supports. Our staff have helped participants do everything from cleaning their homes to learning how to bake, and we’ve even taught a few how to fish! Tell us a little more about your participant and their needs, and we’ll find the right member of our team to guide them on their journey to living a more active, positive life.

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